Metalmaco was established on September, 21st 1998 and it’s an enterprise dedicated to maintenance, manufacturing and setting of industrial structures on mechanical metalwork.

Metalmaco intervenes on several industrial sectors such as: cement, paper, pottery, agricultural and mould industries. Beyond that we are also providers of all sorts of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Although its recent existence, its founders have over 30 years of experience on all areas above mentioned.

Metalmaco with several departments such as management, purchase, sales, planning and mechanical engineering is prepared and fits as an ideal partner to answer to the market demandings and competition, present on a daily basis.

With a total area of 6 000m2, our enterprise has 3 500m2 of covered area and possesses equipment to develop tasks to answer your necessities, as an example of heavy equipment Metalmaco disposes a range of machines such as pressbrakes, shears, hidraulic rolling machinery, oxi-cut, cargo lifting, metal plasma cutting, SMAW, MIG-MAG and TIG welding, forklifts, telehandlers, lifting platforms, cranes, hoists and others.

Metalmaco counts with over 20 direct workers to develop its activity, beyond that we also have a set of partners on project, machining, elevation and cargo movement, health, safety and hygiene at work.

For all the developed work and given proof on the mentioned areas, Metalmaco will be for sure an added value to your enterprise.